LexMACS Club

We aim to learn and discuss advanced applications of computer science on mathematics, such as data analysis, experimental physics simulation, and mathematical modeling. Furthermore, we will participate in many competitions like USACO and Hackathons. We even host our own competition, Lexington Informatics Tournament.

We meet once every week on Tuesday (4:00 - 5:00) on zoom and have a monthly in-person workshop meeting. Come join us if you go to LHS! Click here to join our Discord Server. Although you do not need to be an expert on programming, we do require members to have some familiarity with programming, such as understanding loops, functions, and arrays.

AI & Optimization

One of the major topics we focus on is the mathematics behinds Artificial Intelligence. We discuss the myriads of ML algorithms such as Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing, and Neural Networks. We have occassional friendly competitions within the club where everyone have the opportunity to apply their knowledge and implement a fully-functional ML algorithm.

Furthermore, we attend AI/Optimization-related contests such as CMIMC, and have achieved pretty well results.

Competitive Programming

Competitive programming is a fun intellectual sports where coders design algorithms for problems that has to run under a certain time limit. They often involve advanced CS concepts such as graph theory and dynamic programming.

Our club also has a focus on these matters. We have occasional USACO and Codeforces practices, and lectures about CP topics. We are also planning to attend in-person competitions such as ABCIC at Acton Boxborough High School.

Lexington Informatics Tournament

As mentioned above, we have our own competitive programming contest, Lexington Informatics Tournament (LIT)! We host it once every year(although we do have plans of hosting even more contests). The competition usually lasts about 3 hours, and teams of 1-3 can work to solve the tasks together. More than 1000+ participants attended last year!

Come join us and you can help us host LIT. Contribute by writing problems, testing the tasks, advertising, or simply giving us your ideas.
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